Our Current Officers

Andrea Stern
Vice President

asterncow [at]
(c)(612) 209-6509
(h)(612) 722-9790

Jane Ann Settergren

(763) 742-2964

Cynthia Krause

ckrause [at]

Kathy McCarthy

Nick Rowse

Our Members

Our members offer a range of expertise to the harp community. You can click to sort by:

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Andrea Stern
Vice President

asterncow [at]
(c)(612) 209-6509
(h)(612) 722-9790

Anita Cummings

anitac77 [at]

Barbara Arveson

Bonnie Melzarek

bonmel [at]
(952) 223-2468

Carol Harrison

Cathy Victorsen

cathy.victorsen [at]
(651) 434-5849

Cheryl Jahnke

Colleen Austin

2claustin [at]
(612) 709-3488

Cynthia Krause

ckrause [at]

David Baird

Debbie Holmstrom

(952) 831-2854

Diane Gilbertson

diane [at]

Dianne Rowse

dianne.rowse [at]

Elaine Stindt

estindt [a]
(763) 755-8597

Elinor Niemisto

niemiste [at]
(507) 645-7554

Emi Jono

Emily Gerard

emgerard [at]
(612) 501-6186

Emily Leung

Emma Petry

Erin McLean

F. Michel Kline

grimpenmirecottage [at]
(651) 462-3975

Hannah Flowers

(651) 332-0398

Jaela Deming

Jane Ann Settergren

(763) 742-2964

Jann Stein
(651) 483-3072

Jeanne Ekholm

(612) 710-8377
jeanne.ekholm [at]

John Hinners

Kari Urberg Carlson

Karissa Kockelman

Karyla Petry

Katherine Willow

willowharp [at]
(617) 388-9310

Kathleen Anderson-Barden

damiankjab [at]

Kathy Kienzle

Kathy McCarthy

Kenneth Johnson

KennthJohnson [at]
(763) 473-2246

Kitty Eliason

kittyharp [at]
(952) 854-2351

Linda Allen

Loretta Simonet

loretta [at]
(612) 812-4555

Lynn Miller

Lynnette Heinzen

(952) 895-5343

Marian Niemiec

marian.m.niemiec [at]

Marilyn Davern

Marilyn Johnson

mljmusic [at]
(507) 345-3863

Marjie Carr-Oxley

Martha Carlson

Mary Rohowetz

Morgan Black


(651) 439-9120

Nick Rowse

Nikki Lemire

(218) 310-1916

Patricia K. Carlson

patricia [at]
(612) 910-1887

Paula Smith

harpheart55 [at]

Phala Tracy

phalatracy [at]
(612) 306-9893

Rachel Brandwein

Raenay Rock

raenayrock [at]
(763) 234-6357

Renee Coughlin

tmcrca [at]

Roberta Rivard

Shari Rothman

sharirothman [at]
(952) 807-2175

Sharon Kimball

shareharp [at] (320) 250-3529

Sharon Roznick

jsroznick [at]

Stephanie Claussen

(651) 493-7904

Terry Gibson

harpbob [at]
(651) 633-4356

Trudy Harper

Zachariah Coughlin

thecoofcoof [at]